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Functional Wellness Center Scottsdale - Low back pain due to lumbar degeneration

Degradation process occurs naturally: The disc contains about 80% water, helping the disc to be porous to do a good damping role. But as we get older, the amount of water above decreases, making it harder for the disc to complete its task. The proteins in the disc degenerate and flow out of the fiber sac.

Causes: Some degenerative disc causes pain while some do not, the cause is still unknown. There are many reasons that damaging the disc area can cause pain, such as:

If damaged or degenerated, the disc will lose its stability, then it can become inflamed, causing pain in the lower back. In a small number of people, nerve endings penetrate the outermost rim of the disc deeper than in the average person; degeneration of the discs is also one of the pain triggers. Diagnosis: Magnetic resonance film (MRI): Contributes greatly to our understanding of lumbar spondylolisthesis and the natural degenerative process. With the development of this technique, the structure of the disc is described vividly, helping doctors to accurately diagnose back pain. In addition, the MRI shows:

A large number of young patients with chronic low back pain show signs of degenerative disc degeneration. About 30% of healthy adults have no back pain but have found that they have degenerative disc disease. But MRI is not the only tool in diagnosing lumbar spondylolisthesis. So, before making a diagnosis, a doctor needs to combine an MRI with the muscle test results and individual medical history. Treatment:

For the majority of patients, degenerative disc degeneration is cured with chiropractic (non-surgical) techniques, medications to reduce inflammation (oral or injectable), and exercise. Surgery is only the last resort when the disease shows no signs of improvement after 6 months of treatment or because the disease is too severe.

There are many ways for the patient to relieve pain without resorting to surgery.

Light activity.

The first step in treatment is not to make the illness worse. The best way is not to lift heavy objects and play sports that require rotation, such as golf, basketball or soccer. How to reduce the pressure on your back?

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